Guidance from Head Family Court Judge in Bucks County – Judge James M. McMaster concerning Covid-19

As a follow-up in this ever-changing environment and crisis, the following guidance has come from Judge McMaster, the head family court Judge in Bucks County, in light of the latest “Stay at Home Order” from Governor Wolf: Custody transfers can and should continue to take place even with a Stay at Home Order in place.  […]

Why I Practice Family Law

Padanyi Law is proud to have another positive review from a satisfied client! Our business would not exist, but for the great clients that make the job of being a family law attorney so rewarding and uplifting!  It is with great pride that Padanyi Law is able to serve the community! Stay healthy and […]

Getting Paid Back For Out Of Pocket Medical Costs Or “Unreimbursed” Medical Expenses

Do you have co-pays for doctor’s visits?  Do you have out of pocket costs for medical appointments or prescription medications? If you have a Support Order for you or your children then most likely you may be entitled to reimbursement for these expenses from the other party of the Support Order. Most Support Orders will […]


The Law Office of Dawn Padanyi, LLC is incredibly proud to report that Dawn Padanyi was selected by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star for 2019! Click the link below to be taken the Super Lawyers profile page for Dawn!

Learning with Lawyers, 2019

This past week, together with some of my colleagues of the Bucks County Bar Association, we attorneys took to the classroom to interact with students to teach them about the significant role our U.S. Constitution plays in society from the protection of our legal rights as individuals to the welfare of our society as a […]

Parking Enforcement Chalkers Violate the U.S. Constitution

By Diane Jonas On Monday, April 22, 2019, a Federal Court of Appeals heard a case involving parking enforcement violations and the legality of citations issued.  The court determined that when officers mark a car tire with chalk for the specific purpose of gathering information to ascertain whether a time limit has been exceeded, it […]

Can I Waive Child Support in Pennsylvania?

Negotiations can be quite complex when it comes to settling a divorce.  Many times parents of minor children will financially take child support into consideration when he/she is negotiating the overall settlement of their equitable distribution in divorce.  Afterall, how much one is receiving per month for the support of your minor children affects the […]

High Conflict Custody? Parent Coordination Could Be the Answer

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court to bring back parent coordination in child custody In 2013, parent coordination was given the axe due to concerns that the parent coordination rules circumvented the due process rights of the parties in these custody proceedings. Also, there was concerns about the validity and enforceability of the decisions by the parent […]

The Importance of Checks & Balances

I recently had the pleasure of volunteering to teach a small segment on the Constitution to 5th graders at Brookwood Elementary School in Levittown, PA organized by the Learning With Lawyers Program.  The book we studied was If  You Were There When They Signed the Constitution, by Elizabeth Levy. One of the topics was the […]

The Risks Associated with Pro Se Divorce

By Dawn Padanyi, Esquire Most people have to work within a financial budget; and that budget usually doesn’t allow us to have everything we want.  We need to prioritize our wants and establish what is a need. If you are going through a divorce, whether you and your spouse are amicable or not, you definitely […]

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