Bucks County Justice Center – Scheduled to Re-Open June 1, 2020 With Heightened Safety and Health Precautions

As of the writing of this blog on May 20, 2020, the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas is set to open to the general public and resume normal business hours as of June 1, 2020.  Access to the Justice Center is modified pursuant to an Entry Protocol developed by the Court, Sheriff, Emergency Services and Security.  The safety and welfare of all concerned are being addressed as the Court cautiously opens back up to the public.

Below is a summary of the protocols and policies indicated in the May 13, 2020, Order of the Honorable Wallace H. Bateman, Jr., President Judge of Bucks County.  The Order and protocols are subject to change by approval of the President Judge and his designees.

There will be only two entrances into the Justice Center: one for County employees and another for the general public.  Attorneys will also utilize the general public entrance.  Serpentine lines will be used and social distancing will be observed.   Masks must be worn when accessing the Justice Center and in all public locations such as, hallways and restrooms.

Court dates, when possible, will be staggered to reduce the number of people accessing the Courthouse at any given time.  In the courtrooms, protocol including the use of worn masks will be determined by each individual Judge.  The use of plastic guards for courtroom staff will be installed.  During lunch breaks the courtrooms will be sanitized including high touch areas with frequent sanitization of public areas throughout the Courthouse as well.

Please allow extra time in reporting to the Courthouse with the new protocols in place.  The protections in place are for your health and safety concerns and the protocols are evolving so that improvements can be made.  Your patience and adherence to these protocols are appreciated.  We will keep you updated as we move forward during this challenging time.

Please view the Court website for any changes, updates or for more information about visiting the Bucks County Justice Center.  The website is: www.buckscounty.org/courts .

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