How Do I Change My Legal Name in Pennsylvania?

There are many reasons one may consider changing their legal name.  Common reasons can include a name change due to a marriage, which is the easiest time to do a name change by simply listing your new last name and former/maiden name on the Marriage Certificate.  Once the marriage ceremony has taken place, the issued […]

Protection From Abuse Actions

A person who is a victim of abuse whether physically, emotionally, financially, or a victim of elder abuse and their safety is threatened can seek protection from the Courts by way of a Protection From Abuse Order, known as a “PFA” or Restraining Order.  A victim of abuse can be a spouse, domestic partner, same-sex […]

What is a Post Adoption Contact Agreement (PACA)?

A Post Adoption Contact Agreement, also known as a “PACA,” is a voluntary agreement that provides for eligible biological family members and the adoptive parents, the basis for continued contact between the parties after an adoption in finalized.  By statue, these agreements are enforceable when the agreement is entered as an Order of Court.  If […]

Bucks County Justice Center – Scheduled to Re-Open June 1, 2020 With Heightened Safety and Health Precautions

As of the writing of this blog on May 20, 2020, the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas is set to open to the general public and resume normal business hours as of June 1, 2020.  Access to the Justice Center is modified pursuant to an Entry Protocol developed by the Court, Sheriff, Emergency Services […]

Child Custody Amidst Covid-19

Child Custody issues will arise during the pandemic outbreak of the Corona Virus and presents challenging situations for all parents.  Staying in compliance of a Court Order and clear communication between parents is essential.  Custody Orders should be followed as safely as possible and in the best interest of the children. Keep in mind the […]

Why I Practice Family Law

Padanyi Law is proud to have another positive review from a satisfied client! Our business would not exist, but for the great clients that make the job of being a family law attorney so rewarding and uplifting!  It is with great pride that Padanyi Law is able to serve the community! Stay healthy and […]

Getting Paid Back For Out Of Pocket Medical Costs Or “Unreimbursed” Medical Expenses

Do you have co-pays for doctor’s visits?  Do you have out of pocket costs for medical appointments or prescription medications? If you have a Support Order for you or your children then most likely you may be entitled to reimbursement for these expenses from the other party of the Support Order. Most Support Orders will […]


The Law Office of Dawn Padanyi, LLC is incredibly proud to report that Dawn Padanyi was selected by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star for 2019! Click the link below to be taken the Super Lawyers profile page for Dawn!

Learning with Lawyers, 2019

This past week, together with some of my colleagues of the Bucks County Bar Association, we attorneys took to the classroom to interact with students to teach them about the significant role our U.S. Constitution plays in society from the protection of our legal rights as individuals to the welfare of our society as a […]

Parking Enforcement Chalkers Violate the U.S. Constitution

By Diane Jonas On Monday, April 22, 2019, a Federal Court of Appeals heard a case involving parking enforcement violations and the legality of citations issued.  The court determined that when officers mark a car tire with chalk for the specific purpose of gathering information to ascertain whether a time limit has been exceeded, it […]

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