Child Custody Amidst Covid-19

Child Custody issues will arise during the pandemic outbreak of the Corona Virus and presents challenging situations for all parents.  Staying in compliance of a Court Order and clear communication between parents is essential.  Custody Orders should be followed as safely as possible and in the best interest of the children.

Keep in mind the Governor’s Stay-at-Home Order with the allowable exceptions, practice social distancing avoiding groups of people, and keeping a safe six-foot distance from others, avoid public outings, frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds, and at home, sanitize surfaces often. If you suspect illness in your family, quarantine and seek medical advice.

Recently, Judge McMaster of the Bucks County, PA, Family Court offered his recommendations for handling the exchanges of custody that take place in so many of our households.  He said, “”Mother and Father [should] agree to adhere to CDC recommended protocols for COVID-19 (wash your hands before touching the child, clean surfaces with Lysol or other appropriate disinfectant, social distancing), to practice social isolation in their homes, and to not take the child out to public places. All of these provisions will be followed until advised that it is safe to revert back to normal practices.”

Permitted family activities with your children can include walking, skyping, video games, reading, online education opportunities and a great many movies are available to view –  in other words- family togetherness time.  Take this opportunity to spend time together and bond in ways in which  our usual routines offer little time to do.

Together, following the recommended protocols of the CDC for COVID-19, we will minimize the spread of this potentially deadly virus and hopefully, return to our normal routines when safe do to so. Stay well and safe!