Learning with Lawyers, 2019

This past week, together with some of my colleagues of the Bucks County Bar Association, we attorneys took to the classroom to interact with students to teach them about the significant role our U.S. Constitution plays in society from the protection of our legal rights as individuals to the welfare of our society as a whole.

I had the pleasure of visiting the 5th grade students of Ms. Hodges’ class at the Snyder Girotti Elementary School in Bristol, PA.  We discussed the Revolutionary War, How Bills are made into Law, the branches of government, checks & balances system of our branches, the drafting of the Constitution and how it is amended.

We discussed and read parts of the book entitled, “If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution,” written by Elizabeth Levy.  It is a great read and valuable teaching tool.  It was an enjoyable event having the opportunity to engage with such young, inquisitive, intelligent minds.