Protection From Abuse Actions

A person who is a victim of abuse whether physically, emotionally, financially, or a victim of elder abuse and their safety is threatened can seek protection from the Courts by way of a Protection From Abuse Order, known as a “PFA” or Restraining Order.  A victim of abuse can be a spouse, domestic partner, same-sex partners,  parents, children, persons related by blood or marriage (including brothers/sisters), and current or former sexual or intimate partner.

Seeking protection by the Court system involves filing a Petition in Protection From Abuse with the Court of Common Pleas where the abuse occurred or where a victim or abuser resides.  In Bucks County, the Petition for Protection from Abuse can be found on District Court websites and Court of Common Pleas websites in your locality or you can go in-person to your local court.  You can also contact the Legal Aid Society in your locality.  There is no cost to you for the filing of a Petition in Protection From Abuse.  If you are in immediate danger, contact the Police Department by dialing 911 immediately.

There are three types of PFA Orders that the Court can grant.  They are: an Emergency Protection Order, a Temporary Protection Order, and a Final Protection Order.  The length of time of a protection order is designated by the Court, and is intended to tell the abuser to stop abuse, threats, harassment or stalking, relinquish fire arms, cease contact, etc.  The maximum length of the original Final PFA Order in Pennsylvania is three years, but that may be extended by the Court if a defendant is found to have violated the PFA or if a continuing need for protection is proven to the Court after the original PFA expires.

Attorney Padanyi has represented both Plaintiff and Defendants in Protection From Abuse matters and is well versed in the Bucks County procedures implemented for PFAs.  If you need assistance with a PFA, please do not hesitate to contact Attorney Padanyi.

For more information or help, contact:

Bucks County Court of Common Pleas

Prothonotary (Civil):  215-348-6191


Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Help Line: 877-429-5994


Bucks County Bar Association