Guidance from Head Family Court Judge in Bucks County – Judge James M. McMaster concerning Covid-19

As a follow-up in this ever-changing environment and crisis, the following guidance has come from Judge McMaster, the head family court Judge in Bucks County, in light of the latest “Stay at Home Order” from Governor Wolf:

Custody transfers can and should continue to take place even with a Stay at Home Order in place.  If the transfers usually take place in a public place, they should take place in the parking lot or at another mutually agreed upon location.

This is in addition to Judge McMaster’s prior guidance:

“Mother and Father agree to adhere to CDC recommended protocols for COVID-19 (wash your hands before touching the child, clean surfaces with Lysol or other appropriate disinfectant, social distancing), to practice social isolation in their homes, and to not take the child out to public places. All of these provisions will be followed until advised that it is safe to revert back to normal practices.”

Please stay well!