My Ex Won’t Let Me See My Child. Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support?

Supporting children is a responsibility of both parents.  If there is a Court Order for child support then there is a minimum amount that a parent must pay.  Typically, in Pennsylvania, child support is paid through PACSES, which stands for Pennsylvania Automated Child Support Enforcement System with a wage attachment if the payor is a w-2 employee or via direct payment for someone who is self-employed or an independent contractor.  The State keeps track of the payments in and out via PACSES and can notify Domestic Relations if and/or when a payor is not in compliance with the Court Order for support.  If a parent is not seeing his/her child, that may be reason to file to establish a custody order or grounds to file a contempt petition if the other parent is in violation of the custody order.  Keep in mind that only a Judge can find a party in contempt of Court.  The act of disobeying a custody order does not automatically mean that the Court will find the parent in contempt.  Child support payments continue to be due regardless of whether a parent is exercising physical custody or not, even if the other parent is wrongfully withholding the child.  Unless and until a Court vacates your child support order, then the payor is still obligated to make payments to the Court.  If you have further questions regarding child support or child custody, please contact Dawn Padanyi for a detailed personal consultation.